Salad Bar Etiquette

OK, so here’s my thoughts on salad bars…Please act with a sense of urgency! You may be on your eighth plate, but the guy behind you (me!) hasn’t eaten yet, let’s get what we’re getting and move on! You don’t have to make your plate look like your getting ready to photograph it for the next menu….you know you like cucumbers and don’t want onions, so why stand there debating about it? Just pile it up and go, now there’s a line of six people waiting and you are rearranging the individual leaves of lettuce on your plate, really??!! And to the overanxious guy standing behind me, if you see me grabbing my toppings efficiently, and the only reason I am not moving faster is because of the old woman window shopping in front of me, chill. If you keep standing right up next to me with your plate in my direction, I will put salad dressing on your plate FOR YOU!! Just saying….